One-owner used cars


When people purchase a used vehicle one of the major things taken into account is whether the vehicle had more than one owner. What gives a one-owner used vehicle an advantage over vehicles with multiple owners?

The fewer times a vehicle has switched hands, the more likely it is that the former owner took good care of it. Also, one owner usually means the vehicle has less wear and usage! Majority of people trade out their vehicles before they reach the 100,000 mile mark.

A one-owner vehicle might cost more but you will benefit having a reliable vehicle that will less likely need expensive repairs.

The best way to find out the ownership history of a vehicle is to look at its CARFAX Vehicle History report. A trustworthy dealer, such as Texas Auto, will provide a CARFAX report for potential buyers. When you shop for a used car with Texas Auto, you will be provided with all the crucial car history information that might influence your opinion of the vehicle, such as its number of owners. There are many vehicles at Texas Auto that are one-owner vehicles.

Come by Texas Auto and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly sales team about our one-owner vehicles.  If you have questions about our used car inventory or our service center contact us!

One-owner used cars

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