Ways to cool your car in the heat


In the summer heat, your car’s interior can reach 150 degrees! That is HOT!

There are many ways to prevent your car from turning into an oven and avoiding a sauna experience during your car ride. Here are some useful tips that can keep your car cool during the summer!

Put up a sun shade! Putting up sunshades can block out the direct heat from entering your vehicle. Sun shades are affordable, easy to use and can save you a lot of trouble!

Crack your windows! By slightly cracking open a couple windows, you can create an airflow that will ventilate all of the hot air trapped inside of your car.

Tint your windows! Similar to using a sunshade- just a bit more expensive. Tinted windows will constantly block out the sun and provide privacy to your car at the same time. Make sure to research your states law on tent levels before you tent your windows.

Use the bottom vents! The first reaction of most people in a hot car is to blow air on their face and upper body. In fact, it is better to turn on the bottom vents because heat rises and your feet control your body temperature.

Park underneath shade! This is the easiest and smartest solution to keeping your car cool during the summer. If you can’t find a shaded spot, turn your car so that the sunlight shines into the back of your car. This way you’ll avoid having a hot steering wheel.

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Ways to cool your car in the heat

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