Holiday Driving Hazards


December just might be one of the most dangerous months on the road. Whether your rushing to the next holiday party, making a “Happy Holidays” phone call behind the wheel or indulging in some holiday cocktails prior to hitting the road, Texas Auto wants to remind you of the most dangerous behaviors drivers exhibit during the holiday season.

1. Fatigued Driving. Increased demands and activities during the winter holidays often mean significantly reduced sleep schedules.

2. Impaired Driving. Holiday and company parties and celebrations typically involve consumption of alcohol. An increase in the number of impaired drivers using the roadways during the holidays has been well-established by law enforcement.

3. Pressured Driving. The holidays typically bring with them increased pressures, financial stress and the stress created by trying to do too much in a short time span. People will often drive too fast or aggressive and generally disregard the needs and safety of others using the road.

4. Distracted Driving. Drivers will be using their cell phone for both talking and texting. It also includes driving while using a smartphone to surf the web.

It is not uncommon for a single driver to manifest all four dangerous driving behaviors at the same time, especially in the final ten days of the year.

Texas Auto reminds you to take plenty of breaks and do not push yourself to meet an unrealistic schedule. Stay fresh and alert when driving. Driving requires your full attention, pull off the road if you have to use your cellphone. If there will be drinking at your holiday party, make sure to have a designated driver for your group. This holiday season stay safe out there!



Holiday Driving Hazards

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