What to do if your car is in a flood

Flooded vehicle- (1)

If you car has been in a flood follow these steps to assess and address the damage.

1. Do not attempt to start the car! If there is water in the engine, attempting to start it could damage it beyond repair. If you have doubt, its best to have the car towed to Texas Auto.

2. Determine how deep the car was submerged. If the water didn’t rise above bottom of the doors, your car will probably be fine. Most insurance companies will consider the car totaled (damaged beyond reasonable repair) if water reaches the bottom of the dashboard.

3. Call your insurance company. Comprehensive insurance usually covers flood damage. Even if you don’t have collision coverage, you may be covered for repairs or replacement.

4. Start drying the interior. If water got inside the car, mold will grow quickly. Open all the doors and windows, use towels to soak up water, but you should plan on replacing anything that got wet.

5. Check the oil and the air cleaner. Do not attempt to start the engine if you see droplets of water on the dipstick or the level of the oil is high, or if the air filter has water in it. Have the vehicle towed to Texas Auto to have the water cleared and the fluids changed.

6. Check all the other fluids. Brake, clutch, power steering and coolant reservoirs should be checked for contamination.

7. Check all of the electrical systems. If the vehicle looks safe to start, checking everything electrical: Headlights, turn signals, air conditioning, stereo, power locks, windows and seats, even the interior lights. If anything looks slightly amiss bring it to Texas Auto for further inspection.

8. If in doubt, push to have the car totaled. If your car is a borderline case, consider pushing your insurance company to declare the car a total loss.





What to do if your car is in a flood

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