Almost everyone makes New Year’s resolutions.  Most people rarely keep up with them. Have you ever done a New Year’s resolution when it came to caring for your car? We all need our cars in order for travel, work, shop, etc. Therefore, we need our cars to be running. While you may resolve in 2016 to be in better shape, to read more, to spend more time with family…..think about resolving to be a better car owner, too.


Five very simple New Year’s resolutions to ensure you keep your car in top shape throughout the coming year.

1 – I RESOLVE to schedule two checkups for my car in 2016 

Regardless of how well you think you know your car, a well-trained (and certified) technician can always spot things ahead of time that you might miss. Taking time to have your car checked twice a year may seem a bit much, but preventative maintenance at the hands of a qualified professional is cheap insurance.

2 – I RESOLVE to keep my car clean in 2016

Dirt and grime can act like sand paper, creating unnecessary abrasion that can wear down upholstery and carpeting. So vacuum your car on a regular basis and wipe down surfaces with a cleaner.

3 – I RESOLVE to check on my car’s tires and wheels in 2016

If your tires have worn unevenly or your wheels are unbalanced, vibration can cause excess stress on suspension components. Excess stress on certain car parts can mean extra trips to the mechanic and potentially hefty bills. Avoid this by checking to make sure the tread on your tires are wearing evenly – and taking your car in if it’s not.

4 – I RESOLVE to keep up with my car’s fluid changes in 2016

Checking your car’s fluids is a must. While some fluids like brake fluid, clutch fluid and coolant may not require attention as often as oil, they’re just as important.  Take a day each month to make sure all of your fluids are topped off.

5 – I RESOLVE to address my car’s minor problems early

It’s easy to hear a strange noise in your car and hope that it will go away. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Don’t put off minor maintenance or easy repair work. Doing so can lead to larger problems and larger repair bills in the end.


Service hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM / Saturday 9AM-3PM 

Contact Texas Auto Service (281) 938-2059



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